What is this mess?

So you're wondering WTF this website is about... Let us spit it out for you.

WHAT this mess is: An easy one stop shop for you to find the latest headlines to be hitting the rubbage that is the Internet. We're helping you sort through it all and giving you the best bloggers for each category. It's a very new site, and we're up for suggestions! We also hope you'll accept any changes me make to our appearance.

WHO the pigs are: The original 8 Garbage Pigs were a part of an online competition for their dream job, and are now continuing to follow their individual dreams. With everyone being so unique, combining them onto one website obviously gives you a whole lot of nonsense... but the best of it all. We don't discriminate, though. If you've gotta topic and a blog that should be shared with trashy people all over the world, let us know!

WHY it's called Garbage Pig: When the original 8 met in NYC for the first time, they looked up on their shelf to discover the most amazing thing their eyes had ever seen: The Garbage Pig. (He's pictured in the header and all logos) His legacy must live on, and now it is.

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